How to Make Money Without Spending Money

October 19, 2018

Most of us using the internet today have thought about starting an ecommerce website and selling products online. The first 3 natural questions that come to mind thinking about this are:

  1. What product am I going to sell?
  2. How am going to build the website?
  3. How am going to get traffic on my website?

What if I tell you that you can start selling online and getting a taste of ecommerce without having to worry about all this and at zero cost? Then who knows, maybe if you enjoy it you can then take things to the next level and build a real ecommerce website with the money you will be making.

Great! Sign Me Up For This

The idea is simple: sell every item around you that hasn’t been used for more than 12 months on 4Sale, OLX, or a similar online platform.

This is great because you will be leveraging a platform that already exists and gets a lot of traffic, to sell products you already have.

You might also want to forget about building a real ecommerce website and focus on buying used items in bulk or at bargain prices, and then reselling at higher prices. This is basically like سوق الجمعة on steroids - serious steroids.

Thank You Gary Vee

I first learned about this from Gary Vee; I thought it was a smart idea but I never got around to trying it. While moving out last week, I found a lot of stuff lying around that I didn’t want to throw away, so I decided to give this a shot.

I listed an old Nokia E66 phone for 7KD on 4Sale, and got more than 10 inquiries in less that a day, with 2 of them being “serious about buying it now”. I didn’t end up selling it because I was so busy and didn’t want to go through the hassle of meeting up with potential buyers.

Final Thoughts

Back in the days, transporting and showcasing used items to potential buyers in places like سوق الجمعة was a nightmare for one-timers, and a huge hassle for seasonal sellers. Also, let’s not forget the time wasted by buyers scavenging for items.

Today it all happens with a few taps on a flat screen, making the lives of sellers and buyers much easier. It’s amazing what technology and the internet have allowed us to do.

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